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Empowering Sustainable Packaging: Empauer & Australian Institute of Packaging Unveil the Future

Empauer, in an exclusive collaboration with the Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP), proudly introduces the revolutionary LCA Decision Package.

This leap forward in sustainable packaging design provides SMEs with customised Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) for science-based, eco-conscious packaging decisions.

Merging Empauer’s sustainability expertise with AIP’s industry excellence, the package promises a transformative impact on the packaging landscape, realigning business practices with global environmental goals.

The LCA Decision Package is more than just a tool; it represents a commitment to a future where packaging is both responsible and innovative.

Join us on this remarkable path towards sustainability and learn how your business can contribute to a greener planet. For more information about the LCA Decision Package and its benefits, click here.

Corporate Sustainability

What Does It Mean and Why Does It Matter

A United Nations initiative coined the concept of ‘Sustainable Development’ back in 1987. The concept is to create wealth and value without compromising the needs of future generations.

Developing sustainability strategies fosters company longevity and can add brand value, attract talent and customers whilst often increasing business efficiency.

Additionally, evidence suggests that companies flourish with sustainability policies and initiatives often reducing costs, attracting investors and talent alike.

Putting sustainability practices in place can be a gradual process, increasing and expanding over time.

do well by doing good

Empauer is proud to be included in The Friends of Champions

While Champions 12.3 is the group of CEOs leading progress to achieve the UN’s SDG Target 12.3, there are many organisations that are part of the movement to halve food loss and waste. The Friends of Champions 12.3 network features companies and organisations that are contributing to the worldwide momentum on this issue.


DIRECT + Ecodex

Discover our powerful business tools: DIRECT and Ecodex used by leading consumer goods companies to uncover environmental impacts, design more sustainable products and quantify the ‘true cost of waste’.


Improve efficiency, eliminate waste.

We understand that not all businesses have the time and resources to conduct in-depth analysis across their organisation.
That is why Empauer offers a range of services conducted on behalf of clients.

Nestlé aims at making sustainability-related data and tools widely available. The application of Ecodex throughout Nestlé reinforces the credibility of the approach and improves the sustainability of the industry and supply chain partners. Ecodex is available commercially through Empauer.



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