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Technology Solutions

Quantify the ‘true cost of food waste’

Empauer’s Dynamic Industry Resource Efficiency Calculation Tool manages crucial data providing a framework to reduce food waste.

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LifeCycle Assessment (LCA) Software Tool

Ecodex is an eco-design software tool for evaluating and understanding the environmental impacts of products and packaging.

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We understand that not all businesses have the time and resources to conduct in-depth analysis across their organisation.

That is why Empauer offers a range of services conducted on behalf of clients.

Improve efficiency, eliminate waste

Empauer’s consulting services provide a comprehensive approach for gathering information, presenting results and identifying opportunities for improvement.

No matter the scale of operation, we make the complex simple so you can focus on what matters most. You will see results that benefit your business and the environment.


Our consultancy services help navigate the complex world of sustainability and how to translate organisational values into actions.

We consult across:

Environmental Social Governance (ESG) Reporting

Food Waste

Corporate Sustainability Reporting

Greenhouse Gas Reporting

Life Cycle Assessments / Product Design

Packaging and Product Assessments

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For Food Waste

DIRECT empowers your business with new cloud-based tracking, dashboards, and assessment tools.

Teams can see exactly where waste occurs, and how much it costs. Then they can start making real changes for the better.

With DIRECT, teams use real data to reduce waste – quickly and decisively.

Get clear visibility into the material inputs and flows occurring across a single process or an entire supply chain

Calculate resource efficiency, benchmark and gauge progress towards waste minimization goals

Quantify the ‘true cost of waste’, including ingredients, labour, and overheads

Visibility on where material loss occurs, how much it costs and how to turn it into financial gains

Build objective evidence to support the business case for resource efficiency

The LCA Tool For Products & Packaging

Ecodex is a LifeCycle Assessment (LCA) software tool for evaluating and understanding the environmental impacts of products and packaging.

Designed to be used by non-experts, it helps companies improve the sustainability of new products or the existing portfolio, in a cost-effective and simple way.

Certified to ISO 14040-14044

Enables a 360 degree view of your product

Used by leading global companies

Empowers decision making

Supported globally by leading software developers

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