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Ecodex is a Lifecycle Assessment (LCA) tool to evaluate the environmental impacts of products and packaging.

Ecodex is an eco-design LCA software tool for evaluating and understanding the environmental impacts of products and packaging.

Designed to be used by non-experts, it helps companies improve the sustainability of new products or the existing portfolio, in a cost-effective and simple way.

Certified to ISO 14040-14044

Enables a 360 degree view of your product

Used by leading global companies

Empowers decision making

Supported globally by leading software developers

The challenge for most companies wanting to design more sustainable products, is knowing what the environmental impacts of a product are, where they occur and what alternatives exist to make it more sustainable.

Ecodex, a cloud-based tool, has been designed to be used by non-experts, helping companies gain this knowledge in a user-friendly, robust and time efficient manner.

Co-designed with Nestlé, the world’s largest food and beverage company, Ecodex enables detailed sustainability insights into their products and packaging inhouse. This 360-degree capability takes LCA to a new level as companies can understand their entire products’ impacts

“Life cycle management at Nestlé played an important role in expanding the scope of the eco-design from packaging to the full product life cycle and in the implementation and deployment of Ecodex across whole Nestlé. The training has been systematically organized and has a strong influence.”

Source: Implementing Ecodex: A Product Design Tool at Nestlé (ebrary.net)

Certified to ISO 14000 and 14044, Ecodex follows a multi criteria approach to evaluate the environmental impact of products and their production. The flexibility of Ecodex permits indicators to be added and/or removed; aligning reporting to a company’s business goals and strategy.

Ecodex reports on:

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Non-renewal Energy and Minerals

Fresh Water Consumption

Land Use

Ecosystem Quality

Packaging Indicators:

Package to Product Weight Ratio

Material Waste

Recycled Content

Packaging Recovery Rate

Portfolio Analysis Reporting

Ecodex enables a portfolio or group of products to be assessed at a global level.

Evaluation of a separate product category, brand, factory or a territory is possible, enabling a company’s strategic decision to be supported by Eco design facts whether in logistics/operations or an environmental pledge for a company’s marketing purposes. This functionality enables users with the ability to evaluate and compare the ecological impact of multiple products by multiple indicators.

This reporting comes with a dashboard and a set of charts that allows users to analyse the impacts of product categories or compare them. With the benefit of Pareto Analysis, Heat Map, Contribution Analysis or End Point charts, understanding creating more sustainable products is simpler.

Product Losses / Mass Balance Calculation

Ecodex can also be used as a mass balance tracking tool.

Ecodex has evolved from modelling losses in certain product lifecycles steps to calculating losses for each step enabling users to properly track mass at every stage of a product’s lifecycle assessment.

This reporting comes with a dashboard and a set of charts that allows users to analyse the impacts of product categories or compare them. With the benefit of Pareto Analysis, Heat Map, Contribution Analysis or End Point charts, understanding creating more sustainable products is simpler.

Simulation & What If Analysis

As a business tool, Ecodex compares various options and performs simulations to determine the optimal improvement to a product. This brings the benefit of being able to simulate changes to products, across:

  • Packaging of a product/formulations
  • Ingredients of a recipe or formulation,
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Supplier or other sourcing changes, like geography or agricultural practices


Marketing & Communications

Ecodex can be used to communicate results to all stakeholders, including R&D scientists, designers, LCA experts, managers, packaging engineers, procurement, etc. Results can be used as the basis of marketing claim for B2B.

Ease of Implementation

Empauer works with each client to ensure that Ecodex is introduced in accordance to timeline
and implementation requirements. This covers training, user support and technical elements before and after rollout.

Access to Ecodex

Ecodex is available as either a subscription or through Empauer’s consultancy services.
Contact us to discuss the best solution that fits your requirements.


We understand that not all businesses have the time and resources to conduct in-depth analysis on their products and/or packaging. That is why Empauer offers a range of services whereby assessments are conducted on behalf of clients.

Our consultancy services help our partners navigate the complex world of sustainability and how to translate organisational values into actions.

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