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Food Waste

by | 15 Jul 2021 | Food Waste

Food Waste Mitigation Podcast

Show Summary

In this episode, our host Suzana Tripologos has a fascinating conversation with Dr. Steven Lapidge & Dr. Simon Lockrey.

Dr. Lockrey discusses his research around mitigating food waste in the life cycle of food production, and how technology plays a role in different phases of this process.

Dr. Lapidge shares his experience spearheading a national approach to food waste mitigation and his efforts to increase government, consumer, and industry involvement.

About the guest speakers

Dr. Lapidge is the inaugural CEO of the Fight Food Waste Cooperative Research Centre and Stop Food Waste Australia. He has spent most of his 20-year career working for or with agricultural and environmental Cooperative Research Centers, with a strong focus on new product development, commercialization, extension and adoption.

Dr. Lockrey is a leading sustainability and design innovation researcher, having been based at RMIT University since 2009. The domains in which Dr Lockrey has managed research include life cycle assessment, also known as LCA, co-design, design innovation, green marketing, resource efficiency, sustainability strategy, tool development, and food waste. As a result, he has generated millions of dollars of ‘industry-facing’ research, creating global impact through policy change, commercial innovation outcomes, media coverage, and quality academic publications.